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Injidup Natural Spa in Yallingup: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated on 17 July 2024 by Ariana Svenson

One of the most popular places on Instagram in the Margaret River is Injidup Natural Spa, famous for its spectacular photos of crashing water into natural spa areas.

Injidup Natural Spa is a beautiful place and a must-visit if you’re visiting Margaret River. The massive rocks, powerful waves, and white sandy shores will leave an unforgettable imprint.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about visiting Injidup Natural Spa, WA, including how to get there, how to visit safely, where to stay nearby, and what to do in the area.

Injidup is a lovely addition to a Western Australia road trip

kid playing in indijup spa

We visit the Margaret River region at least a couple times a year – either on a weekend getaway or for a week of school holiday fun; that’s why we claim expertise on the area!  That said, I’d never had a strong desire to visit Injidup Spa because of the ‘Instagram effect’ – I love Canal Rocks down the road, as well as Quinninup Falls  and go back to Sugarloaf Rock at sunset again and again.  We finally bit the bullet and visited earlier this year.

I’ve noticed that indijup natural spa is used interchangeably with Injidup which is presumably the correct spelling, as that’s the name of the beach nearby.

An Overview of Injidup Natural Spa: What to Expect

Injidup natural spa is one of the top things to do in Yallingup, WA. The attraction was created by a series of rock formations that have eroded over time to create a natural hidden rock pool.

Nowadays, the huge waves crashing through the boulders create a beach waterfall, which can be tiny or a colossal whitewash, depending on the waves, and also bubbly like a “spa”.

The Injidup spa pools are a secluded place among the huge natural rock formations.

Injidup Spa is part of the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park.  We recognise and acknowledge Wardandi people as the traditional custodians of this area.  The name Injidup comes from the Nyoongar word inji for the prolific red pea flower (Templetonia retusa) that grows in the area in spring  of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

injudup spa, rock formation with water

How long should I spend at Injidup Natural Spa?

If you are going to just have a look at the phenonemon and not get wet,  30 – 45 minutes would be long enough.  If you are going to get wet, then I would say 1 hour would be a good amount.

There are no change room facilities or toilets,  so be considerate of others.

We took a snack and ate on the rocks watching the waves and the people, but were sure to carry all our rubbish out. There are no picnic facilities and parking is informal so it would be better to have your picnic lunch down the road at Injidup Beach or in Yallingup itself.

woman looking at injudup spa

A Note About the Instagram Effect

Call me a dinosaur, but I still have mixed feelings about places that have shot to fame due to Instagram, as I feel like they are one dimensional experiences and are not particularly well rounded.

Although Injidup Natural Spa is popular, remember that the water may be a different colour than the viral Instagram pictures you may have seen.

These photos were taken at prime times or may have even been edited.

You’ll have a fantastic time if you go with an open mind and enjoy nature (along with the sounds of the many visitors). You can read Injidup Natural Spa Reviews on TripAdvisor here.

people walking on rock formations

Another nearby Insta-attraction is The Aquarium, which is located between Smiths Beach and Canal Rocks, the Aquarium is a small lagoon protected by large granite outcrops. Once a place “only the locals knew about” the Aquarium’s tranquil, crystal-clear waters makes it perfect for snorkellers You will find the Aquarium by following the Canal Rocks Road until you find a small carpark, before you hit the descent to Canal Rocks. From the carpark, it’s a 1.3km walk to get to the Aquarium.  Most days it is busy, so follow the crowds.

landscape of injidup spa

How to Get to Injidup Natural Spa

Located on the Cape Naturaliste Peninsula in the Margaret River region at Wyadup rocks, Injidup Natural Spa is just a 15-minute drive South of Yallingup and 17 minutes from Dunsborough.

If you are heading south from Dunsborough along Caves Road, a few minutes after you leave the Canal Rocks turnoff, you will see Wyadup Road.

Follow it to the end, and you come to a car park (usually many cars park up the road). Although the spa is only a short walk from the car park, it is steeply downhill and quite rocky, washed out, and not suitable for people who don’t have a good balance.  (This is an example of what tourism does in an area that is not an established recreation site… it’s very sad!)

Wear comfortable shoes, and remember that higher tides might make the spa less accessible.

You’ll find a large rock as you reach the rocks at the bottom, to the right. This is the Injidup Natural Spa, where the surrounding rocks shelter this little inlet from the crazy waves.

In the right conditions, the surf crashes through the little gap in the rocks. You will know you have found it due to the crowd around it and the people in the water.

You can see that there are people EVERYWHERE climbing around the rocks.

Indijup Natural Spa: How to Get There

LocationsKm from Indijup Natural SpaDriving time
Yallingup6.4 km6 minutes
Dunsborough18.6 km18 minutes
Sugarloaf Rock29.9 km28 minutes
Margaret River Town38.1km32 minutes
Busselton Jetty41.6 km39 minutes
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse89 km1 hour, 14 minutes

Is there an entry fee?

No, there is no entry fee to this area, it is part of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park which is free to enter.

Are dogs allowed at Injidup Natural Spa?
No dogs and pets are allowed. This is for their safety as many areas in Western Australia’s national parks have aerial programs of 1080 baiting.  Please respect this rule.

people at injidup spa
The kids returning to the carpark after visiting the spa

When is the Best Time to Visit Injidup Natural Spa?

You can visit the natural spa all year round, even if you plan to visit Margaret River in winter. Keep in mind that the sea will be calmer during the summer months and the water will be the perfect temperature for swimming.

At low tide, the conditions are much safer. You can still visit at high tide and shoot some amazing pictures, but it’s more dangerous.

Early mornings or late afternoons are the best time to get good photos, especially if you visit at sunrise or sunset.

Note that school holidays and weekends can get very crowded, so if you can, it’s best to plan your visit not at these times.

water with rock formation in margaret river

Safety and Dangers When You Visit Injidup Natural Pool and Rocks

This part of the coast is powerful – the waves can be strong and unpredictable, and strong outgoing currents exist. Please be very careful!

This “Insta Famous” spot is very dangerous, with powerful waves crashing through the rocks, people losing hats and glasses, and getting swirled around a fair bit.

You should not enter the water, especially if you are not a competent swimmer.  There have been deaths in this area as people have been swept out to sea.

There is another little bay to the left where people were also gathered (which seemed more dangerous to me!).

We saw a large man (say 110kg!) caught unawares when a wave came crashing through, and he seemed to struggle with the power of the undertow.

Despite the numbers of people visiting, make no mistake, this is a remote and isolated spot (I forgot to check if there was phone signal!) and many places along the coast have no phone reception.  If you get into trouble or hurt yourself help is going to be a long time coming!

Leave no Trace principles

When you visit natural areas such as this one, please follow the Leave No Trace principles; the ones that are applicable for this spot are:

  • Take your rubbish with you.
  • Be considerate to others,
  • Leave what you find
  • Adhere to any fire bans or restrictions.
people at indijup spa

Injidup With Kids

I’m just going to say it – Injidup Natural spa is not really a kid friendly activity; and if you are looking for things that will keep them entertained, this is not it.   You can watch spectacular waves crash onto rocks much more safely down the road at Canal Rocks.

Swimming at is not recommended for small children (any children, in fact!), people who can’t swim or are not confident in the ocean. Go with a friend and keep your wits about you if you are going in the water.

You could easily get knocked over and hit your head on a rock, and in the foam, not be found quickly.  I did not allow my kids to go into the water when we were there. 

If you’re visiting the Margaret River area with children, make sure you read our pot on the best things to do in Margaret River with kids and our guide to the best family accommodation in Margaret River.

beautiful landscape close to injidup spa

Injidup Beach

Injidup Beach is located off Cape Clairault Road. Don’t miss visiting the beach, which is just a short journey down the coast from Injidup natural spa.

Remember that the beach can get very busy, especially during the school holidays. However, the beach is very large, so there’s always plenty of room for everyone.

Fishing is a popular activity at Injidup Beach. Although fishing boats are not allowed in the area, beach fishing can yield fantastic catches with the right bait and patience.

If you’re not an experienced swimmer, staying closer to the shore and within your depth is best.

If you’re well-practised at surfing, Injidup Beach is also an excellent surf spot, especially at the Southern End. Waves can 1.5 meters near the Mitchell’s Rock.

During high swell conditions, these waves create popular surf breaks known as the Car Park and Pea Break.

Note that The presence of rips, especially in the northern end and some rocky patches, means one should always exercise caution. You should also be shark-smart, as there have been sightings in the area in the past.

outside area of injidup spa

Visit Injidup Natural Spa When Hiking on The Renowned Cape to Cape Track

Injidup Natural Spa is one of the most popular stops on the famous Cape to Cape Trail walk, which you should consider if you love hiking and are planning a trip to Western Australia.

The walk stretches over 135km from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse across the Margaret River region.

You’ll see diverse landscapes, pristine beaches, and lush forests along the way.

Quinniup Falls is another popular stop on this trek.

If you want to do a smaller hike, the Injidup to Smiths Beach part of the walk is just 5.52km and can be done in a day.

kids playing at caves house yallingup
Caves House Gardens

Nearby Accommodation Options

Whether you’re planning a road trip from Perth to Margaret River or a getaway trip to Margaret River, here are the best and nearest accommodation options to Injidup Natural Spa.

Injidup Spa Retreat

Distance from Injidup Natural Spa: 950m

If you’ve been dreaming of an intimate escape just a stone’s throw away from Injidup Natural Spa, let us introduce you to the Injidup Spa Retreat, WA – the nearest place to stay near Injidup Natural Spa.

This is known as the “ultimate sanctuary for those seeking solace and rejuvenation.” The adults-only retreat has ten villas with a private plunge pool, a private patio and sweeping ocean views.

You’ll have the luxuries of a 5-star hotel and the serenity of a secluded hideaway. You’ll even get a gourmet breakfast hamper on arrival.

Your days here can be as adventurous or as relaxing as you wish. Venture out to explore the famed Cape to Cape walking track or opt for a day of pampering at their on-site Day Spa.

Speaking of pampering, their Indian Ocean Sojourn package is a must-try. A 2.5-hour indulgence that promises to leave you feeling aligned, refreshed, and deeply nourished.

View prices and availability at the Injidup Spa retreat for your dates on Agoda.com
View prices and availability at the Injidup Spa retreat for your dates on Booking.com
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beautiful beach with white sand
Smiths Beach

Smith’s Beach Resort

Distance from Injidup Natural Spa: 9km (10-minute drive)

Smiths Beach Resort claims to be “pure heaven for beach lovers”. And once you step foot onto its pristine sands and behold the sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, you’ll be hard-pressed to disagree.

Accommodation offerings at Smiths Beach Resort range from a 1-bedroom beach shack all the way to a stunning 3-bedroom upscale beach house.

Whether you’re a couple on a romantic getaway, a family on vacation, or a corporate group on a retreat, the resort has something tailored for you.

While the beach promises hours of relaxation, strolling, surfing, and surreal sunsets, the resort has plenty of facilities. There’s a 15m infinity pool, professional grade tennis court and on-site spa with massage services.

The gourmet deli on-site serves dishes from WA’s renowned Kate Lamont.

View prices and availability at the Smith’s Beach Resort for your dates here on Booking.com
View prices and availability at the Smith’s Beach Resort for your dates here on Agoda.com
View prices and availability at the Smith’s Beach Resort for your dates here on Expedia.com

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pool and outside area of pullman margaret river

Pullman Bunker Bay

Distance from Injidup Natural Spa: 28.8km (26-minute drive)

Located near Dundbourouh, the Pullman Bunker Bay is one of our family favourites. You can read our full review of the Gorgeous Pullman Resort Bunker Bay here.

The resort is located on the beach of Bunker Bay and is a fantastic luxury accommodation option. The rooms are large and private. There are also excellent facilities, including a spectacular outdoor heated pool and so much more.

View prices and availability at the Pullman Bunker Bay for your dates here on Booking.com
View prices and availability at the Pullman Bunker Bay for your dates here on Agoda.com
View prices and availability at the Pullman Bunker Bay for your dates here on Expedia.com

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building, caves house yallingup

Caves House Hotel

Distance from Injidup Natural Spa: 9.7 km (10-minute drive)

Set amidst heritage-listed gardens in Yallingup, the Caves House Hotel has a rich history and has been the go-to gathering spot for locals and tourists for over a century.

Rooms vary from a convenient budget heritage room to a deluxe spa lounge room with a spacious spa bath.

The hotel’s dining options are an adventure in themselves. With dining zones, each with a cozy fireplace, you can indulge in an exceptional pub-style menu.

public bar in Caves House
The public bar in Caves House

Make your way through the wine list inspired by the local region’s vineyards and relish al fresco dining during the warmer months.

The hotel also offers live music every night, setting a lively atmosphere in the beer garden.

View prices and availability at the Caves House Hotel for your dates on Booking.com
View prices and availability at the Caves House Hotel for your dates on Agoda.com
View prices and availability at the Caves House Hotel for your dates on Expedia.com

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For more accommodation recommendations, make sure you read the following posts:

inside a cave in margaret river

More Things to Do in the Margaret River Region

If visiting Injidup Natural Spa as part of a longer stay in Margaret River, there are plenty of other things to see and do! We have spent plenty of time in this area and have so much information to offer.

There are plenty of wineries and breweries to visit in the area. Make sure you read our guide to the best Margaret River breweries.

If you are visiting Busselton, read Things To Do In Busselton. Also, our The Best Restaurants In Busselton is a must-read. Additionally, Visit a Busselton Winery and the Best Busselton Breweries! is also a great resource.

Staying in Busselton? Then An Excellent Guide to the Busselton Caravan Parks and A Review – The Exclusive Beachfront Abbey Beach Resort Busselton are good reads.

Are you visiting Dunsborough? Make sure you read our guide to the Best Things To Do In Dunsborough, WA (just 30 minutes from Injidup natural spa).

If you’re visiting Margaret River, make sure you also visit some of the Margaret River Caves. Ngilgi is just north of Yallingup. You can see the chambers and learn about its rich history and indigenous legends.

Nearby beaches you should visit include Yallingup Beach – a popular destination for Surfers and Smith’s Beach if you’re planning a beach day.

Horse riding is also a popular thing to do in Margaret River. Make sure you read our horse riding in Margaret River guide if this sounds like a good fit for you.

people standing on rock formation

Final Words: Injidup Natural Spa WA

Whether you’re looking to snap some Insta-worthy shots or see some of the fantastic rock formations in Western Australia, Injidup Natural Spa promises an unforgettable experience. When you visit Western Australia, make sure to add this spot to your bucket list, as its certainly an interesting natural attraction and you can get some beautiful photos.  However, please exercise caution when you are visiting, as it has the potential to be dangerous!

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