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An Awesome Perth Family Holiday Itinerary in 6 Days

Last Updated on 12 July 2022 by Ariana Svenson

Perth Western Australia is a stunning city, and we are delighted to offer you this awesome Perth family holiday itinerary.  We have designed especially for you!  This Perth 6 days itinerary includes all the top Perth attractions.  From the bush of Kings Park to the beaches of Perth, we hope that you have an awesome family holiday Perth with our help!

It’s is important to know about the seasons when visiting Perth, please don’t miss our *Must Read* section on when to visit Perth.  The best itinerary Perth will take into account the different seasons.  In summer Perth’s average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).  It is hot and dry and all travelers, especially kids, will find it difficult.  The winter in Australia is mild and can be rainy.  More detail below for when is the best time of year to visit Perth.

Our recommendation for a Perth itinerary with kids is to include a little bit of everything!  This means that you can adapt the itinerary to your particular needs or use it as is.  It’s up to you, but we hope you enjoy this Perth itinerary with kids.

An Awesome Perth Itinerary For Family Travellers
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Perth 6 Days Itinerary / 5 Nights

An Awesome Perth Itinerary For Family Travellers
Beautiful Elizabeth Quay Perth

 Day 1:  Arrive in Perth

Today you should settle into your accommodation and ensure that the kids get a good night’s sleep.  Our post,  The Best Family Accommodation Perth – Family Resorts & Kid Friendly Hotels covers some of our favorite options.  If you are staying in the city we’d recommend the Nesuto Mounts Bay Apartment Hotel that has self-contained apartments.

If you are looking for a Perth self-drive travel blog or self-drive itinerary then we will offer you variations and options at the end of each of Perth 6 days itinerary sections.

We recommend that if you get to Perth early enough you can visit the iconic Elizabeth Quay.  Elizabeth Quay is open day and night, or the Perth Bell Tower (open to 4.45 pm).  One of Western Australia’s newer Perth attractions is the Elizabeth Quay area.  From waterfront walks to delicious eateries, there is plenty to keep the kids occupied around Elizabeth Quay.  This is definitely one of our fave things to do in Perth with kids, and we have written a full post about the fun things to do at Elizabeth Quay.

An Awesome Perth Itinerary For Family Travellers

Perth Self Drive Travel Blog Day 1: Variation

Instead of staying in Perth city – stay near the Perth beaches, like Scarborough beach.  When you self-drive make sure you drive the Sunset Coast Self Drive Trail and stop at famous beaches like Cottesloe.  In fact, every night make sure you drive along Perth’s spectacular coast at sunset and soak in the views. 

All of Perth’s beaches have great playgrounds.  These make for a really great child friendly Perth itinerary.  Some are bigger than others.  You can stop and the kids have a play while you soak in the sunset.  Win-win!  Some of the beach playgrounds are covered in Perth’s Best Playgrounds.  This is a must-read for anyone considering this Perth itinerary for family travellers.

Perth Self Drive
View from Kings Park Perth

Day 2: Iconic Kings Park Perth (A Perth Itinerary for family)

Today we suggest exploring first Elizabeth Quay in the morning.  That is if you didn’t yesterday.  Then head up to King’s Park to enjoy the views.  Don’t miss the botanic garden and walkways which are total highlights for all the family.  Make sure you include Kings Park in your family holiday Perth.

Magnificent Kings Park offers fantastic views of Perth city and the Swan River.  It also has wonderful spaces to run and play for kids!  The Western Australian Botanic Garden offers a great introduction to the wild and wonderful plant species of this huge state.  For our full overview, please read more the many things to do at Kings Park in Perth.

Once you are finished soaking in the views of Perth city, offer your kids a dream play at the BHP Billiton adventure park.  This is better for older children and within walking distance of the main restaurant Aspects.  The playgrounds in Kings Park are varied and VERY wonderful.  Take a look at our comprehensive summary A Guide to Kings Park Playgrounds here.

Blue Boathouse Perth
The blue boat house Perth, in Red, in honor of Manchester United’s visit to Perth

After Kings Park, we would head to the famous Blue Boat House on the Swan River.  If you are traveling by public transport this will require a change of buses at the Perth Busport (next to Elizabeth Quay).

The Blue Boathouse is a very simple boat shed in a stunning location.  However, like other curious Instagram phenomena, it’s become internationally recognizable!  As such, if you are going to Perth you kind of need to get a shot with the #blueboathouse for your feed!

Where To Park To Visit The Blue Boathouse

Where to Park to Visit the Blue Boathouse

If you are traveling by public bus there is a bus stop near the Blue Boathouse.  Ask the driver they could let you off there.

When driving from the city you will be heading towards Fremantle.  Go past the #BlueBoatHouse (which is recognizable because of the queue of people up the footpath) and take the first left at the traffic lights.  We parked in the UWA (University of Western Australia) carpark and walked the 300m back to the Boat House.  Actually, we sent the kids to run on ahead to get us a spot in the line.

An Awesome Perth Itinerary For Family Travellers
This playground in Kings Park is best accessed by car.

Perth Self Drive Travel Blog Day 2: Variation

Kings Park is beautiful however you visit – but by choosing the Perth Self Drive family itinerary you can really get the best out of the park.  For example, if your kids are young they might prefer to visit the Ivey Watson Playground which is best accessed by car; or what my kids refer to as the “Dinosaur Playground.”  The official name is either the May Drive Parkland or the Kings Park Synergy Playground Dinosaur Playground.

Perth Self Drive family itinerary

Day 3: Funky Fremantle & Perth Beaches

Today don’t miss funky and quirky Fremantle or “Freo” as the locals like to call it.  There is a really creative vibe in Fremantle, and there are plenty of festivals and art shows all year round.

Western Australia has so many amazing beaches, and many of them are easily to access in Perth, check out our section on the Best Perth Beaches.

If you are traveling by train from the city, then we’d make your first stop either the WA Maritime Museum or the WA Shipwrecks Museum.  Either of these are a great addition to your Perth family itinerary.  So, what’s the difference between these museums?

The WA Maritime Museum, located on the historic wharf at Fremantle includes several galleries that showcase Western Australia’s fascinating history.  It has some whopping features to capture the kid’s imagination like Australia II,  Australia’s beloved winner of the American Cup, and also real-life submarine!

On the other hand, the WA Shipwrecks Museum is more focused on the early maritime history and explorers.  The location of the WA Shipwrecks Museum is right at Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour which offers the best fresh catch, or tastiest fish n chips to be found.  We like Kailis Brothers, other people swear by Ciccerellos.

Perth Self Drive family itinerary
Fisherman’s Wharf Fremantle

Freo is the home of handcrafted beer in Western Australia and the awesome Little Creatures Brewery where you can enjoy a relaxed family-friendly lunch – or dinner.  We know this is a child friendly Perth itinerary and Little Creatures Brewery is family friendly!

While at the Fishing Boat Harbour, the Roundhouse is worth a look.  Not only is its’ octagonal shape pretty cool, but it’s also this is the oldest public building in all of Western Australia.

Stomachs filled, our next stop is the playground under the pines in Fremantle; the official name being Esplanade Park.  There are often festivals or activities there, and we enjoyed taking a ride on the Fremantle Ferris wheel for great views.

Perth Self Drive family itinerary

From here, head into Fremantle itself.  For older kids, we’d recommend a tour of the Fremantle Prison which is Western Australia’s only World Heritage-listed building.

Wind up the day at the Cappuccino Strip with al fresco dining or stop in at the Freo Markets to do some shopping.

Note:  If you are looking for a Perth 4 days itinerary then we would consider exchanging the Day 3 we have described here with a day at Caversham Wildlife Park (Day 5 in the itinerary).

An Awesome Perth Itinerary For Family Travellers, the fremantle ferris wheel
Papa in Fremantle

Self Drive Perth Itinerary Day 3: Variation

If you are following our Self Drive Perth itinerary, then we recommend starting your day out by heading down the coast.  Why not enjoy Western Australia’s iconic Cottesloe Beach for a walk before heading to Fremantle?

You must stop at the “Rainbow Sea Container” entry statement to Fremantle if you are traveling by car!  Kids will love this short stop on your Perth family holiday.  The Rainbow is not your average public art piece and one of the most Instagrammable places in Perth!

The nine recycled sea containers, sculpted into a massive rainbow-colored arch represent hope and also Fremantle’s artistic and maritime heritage.  There is parking at East Street Jetty on Beach Street and then walk up the small hill to the containers.

Day 4: Rottnest Island Day Trip Itinerary

If you are planning a Perth 6 days itinerary then you must allow one day for a Rottnest Day trip!  Rottnest Island is a stunning island located just off the coast of Perth with white sand beaches,  turquoise water – and no cars!  Meaning it feels like you are traveling to another time completely.  Of course, you’ll also want to get yourself a selfie with the resident quokkas.  No Perth family holiday would be complete without a trip to Rotto. 

Where to Babymoon Australia

An important aspect of your Rottnest Island day trip is getting the right ferry.  The Rottnest ferries take approximately 25 minutes from Fremantle, 45 minutes from Hillarys Boat Harbour, or 90 minutes from Central Perth city.  The benefit of leaving from Perth city (apart from if you are staying in the city) is that you also get an exciting view of the Swan River suburbs as you travel to Fremantle.

Depending on the season, we recommend getting the earliest ferry possible.  You should be on Rottnest Island by 9 am or 10 am if you have taken one of the earlier ferries.  And … even shortly after arriving on the island, you can see a quokka!

An important decision upon arriving on the Island is: “are you going to take the Discovery Bus tour or hire a bike”?  This is probably going to depend on the age of your kids, and also the weather forecast for the day.  In mid-summer, Perth (and Rottnest Island) can get extremely hot and we wouldn’t recommend riding bikes in the midday heat.


Rottnest Island Day Trip Itinerary

The 90-minute Discovery Bus Rottnest Island tour visits the best of Rotto, and includes some interesting commentary so you learn as you go around the Island.  The bus offers two photo opportunities – Wadjemup lighthouse and the spectacular West End.

All around Rottnest, you will see Quokkas.  This is understandable as the island supports the largest known Quokka population in the world, with about 10,000 quokkas in total.  Joeys are born around February to April, and they remain in the pouch until August or September.  While you are guaranteed to see Quokkas on the island, it’s a special feeling to see a joey!

From here, we recommend two great spots for a Rottnest Island day trip, and soaking up the vibe that is Rotto!

Looking to stay overnight on Rottnest Island? There are many great accommodation options.  Many offer some great family packages Perth.  Take a look below.




Pinky Beach and the Bathurst Lighthouse

10 minutes from the Settlement/Thomson Bay, Pinky Beach is famous for stunning blue water, and generally calm conditions.  If you are looking for a mouth-watering place to eat, Pinky’s Beach Club boasts one of the most spectacular beachside views on the island.  It serves up locally inspired dishes and cocktails!

Rottnest Island Day Trip Itinerary

The Basin

Alternatively, heading in the other direction from Thomson Bay, one of our personal favorites is The Basin, which is the closest snorkeling spot to the main settlement on Rottnest.  It is only reached by bicycle or walking.  The reef extends the whole length of the beach and is very safe for swimming.  We used to love our days at The Basin when we were kids.

By 4 pm in winter, or much later in summer, you will want to be heading back to the Rottnest ferry home to Perth.  If the sun is setting as you leave Rotto you will get stunning sunset views.

Self Drive Perth Itinerary Day 4: Variation

Depending on where your hotel is, see if you can get discounted parking with your Rottnest Ferry fare!

An Awesome Perth Itinerary For Family Travellers

Day 5:  Day Trip From Perth Caversham Wildlife Park

Located to the North of Perth in the Swan Valley the massive Whiteman Park is a huge area of bushland that provides a completely Australian bush experience for both locals and visitors.  We allow a full day when we visit.  There is so much to do and see and even then you will have to choose what you are going to do – depending on your kid’s interests.

While entry to Whiteman Park’s natural areas is free, there are many things to see like Museums and a Children’s Forest.  Caversham Wildlife Park Perth is a must for an opportunity to feed a kangaroo or koala, and to meet a wombat!  Kids also love the train that runs around Whiteman Park (not all days of the week). We definitely recommend adding Caversham Wildlife Park to your Perth family itinerary

For us, with plenty of Australian animals and bush experiences, there is no need to venture further than Whiteman Park on day 5 of your Perth itinerary for family travelers.

perth western australia for families
The lovely Swan Valley near Perth

Self Drive Perth Itinerary Day 5: Variation

Whiteman Park and the Caversham Wildlife Park are located close to Western Australia’s oldest wine region, the Swan Valley.  If you have time to get some wine tasting in then this is a worthwhile detour.

Western Australian Botanic Garden, located in Kings Park
Western Australian Botanic Garden, located in Kings Park

Day 6: Goodbye Perth

Today is the end of our Perth 6 days itinerary.  Depending on your flight time we find that there is not much to do on flight days when traveling with kids.  Remember to be at the airport 3 hours prior to flight time, and when traveling with children we find it best not to rush the kids on F-day (that’s Flight day).

In fact, usually on flight days, we take it easy.  Get the room packed up and then go find a playground for the kids to run and burn off steam.

If you have your own car, we’d recommend returning to one of the Kings Park playgrounds or taking a choice of one of the playgrounds at Perth Playgrounds And Parks In Perth.  Our kids are currently in love with the Chevron Parkland’s wide-open spaces.

Alternatively, you may prefer to head to the coast and soak in some of that fresh ocean air and feel the sand between your toes on your last day in Perth.  If you feel the need to do an activity AQWA The Aquarium Of Perth is interesting for children of all ages.

Family Accommodation Perth

If you are looking for a list of great ideas of where to stay in Perth with family, you might find our comprehensive post useful.  The Best Family Accommodation Perth – Family Resorts & Kid Friendly Hotels includes all our recommendations.  There are many family holiday packages Perth that hotels offer.  Make sure to check if they are offering any deals that will help make your family holiday Perth more affordable.

Visiting AQWA, Aquarium of WA with Kids, Tips to visit Aquarium of Western Australia with Kids
AqWA Perth

Looking for Other Perth Itineraries?

We are all for creating your own itineraries and that’s why we provide a great deal of information on our site designed for you to navigate around Perth with your family.  If you have more time, we’d recommend using Perth as a base for a number of day trips, that we have covered here in The Best Perth Day Trips.

Or, if you find that the family gets crazy with too many hours of driving in a day, then you might like to stay overnight in one of the areas around Perth.  We have covered our thoughts here in our Best Perth Weekend Escapes.  You are spoiled for choice on any Perth holidays for families.  There is so much to see and do that a Perth 6 days itinerary doesn’t begin to cover it all.  However, we think we have provided many options for you to make many Perth itineraries of your choosing. 

Perth With Kids

Why Should I Self Drive Perth with Kids?

One of the most important things when traveling with children is about making things easy – both for them and for you.  Perth is a large city with many spread out attractions.  In our opinion, to create a child-friendly Perth itinerary you should hire a car.

Perth drivers are generally respectful and follow road rules.  The roads are well maintained and signposted making it easy to get around.

You will find days are shorter, and therefore everyone’s humor better when you hire a car!

Perth With Kids
WA Shipwrecks Museum Fremantle

What are Good Winter Activities in Perth?

Perth in winter is just magical.  Even though the temperatures are cooler, many days are still sunny and temperate.  Most of the activities on our list are quite doable in winter with some adaptations to allow for winter showers.  Some of the best winter activities Perth are the ones mentioned above.  Really, it could be said Perth is a year-round destination.

In inclement weather, you can head to SciTech or the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle.  Of course, what Perth itinerary with kids would be complete without a visit to the WA Aquarium, AQWA, to learn about what lives under our unique waters.

On a sunny Perth winter’s day, one of the best things to do is a visit to one of the many beautiful waterfalls around the city.  For a complete guide take a look at A Guide to the Best Waterfalls Perth.

Perth itinerary with kids
Wildflowers in Kings Park

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Perth?

As mentioned several times, the fun can be had in Perth year-round.  The summers are hot and dry but the winters are relatively mild.

Summers in Perth can be on the hot and dry side.  However, typically Perth gets a southwesterly breeze that helps you cool off a bit in the hot summer months.  As with any sunny climate, make sure you hydrate and apply sunscreen.  Summers sunsets over the Indian Ocean are stunning!

Winter in Perth is still relatively mild in comparison to other destinations.  If you are not someone that enjoys the sun and heat, then winter in Perth is perfect for you.  While it does rain, there are still plenty of blue skies to be had.  Mild temperatures, mixed with several winter family activities and festivals, make a winter Perth itinerary ideal.

The shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn are lovely as well.  With usually sunny daytimes and cooler nights, spring and fall are great times to visit Perth.  Spring brings blossoming wildflowers, while you can enjoy the spectacular autumn leaves in the fall. Both equally gorgeous.  Check out our guide Where to Find the Best Wildflowers in Western Australia.

Definitely put a visit on the list to Araluen Botanic Park on your must do list if visiting in early spring.  Read our Best Time to Visit Araluen Botanic Park & Tulip Festival for more information. 

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Perth
Iconic Cottesloe Beach

The Verdict – An Awesome Perth Family Holiday Itinerary in 6 Days

We hoped you’ve enjoyed our awesome Perth itinerary for family travellers.  There is so much to see and do in and around Perth, Western Australia that you could certainly spend more than six days exploring your Perth itinerary and enjoying a Perth family holiday.  Make sure you inquire about the many Perth family holiday packages that are available at the many family holiday accommodations in Perth. 

Have any other recommendations we haven’t added?  Please feel free to leave us a comment below!  We hope our child friendly Perth itinerary checked all your boxes.

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An Awesome Perth Itinerary for Family Travellers


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