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playground in wellington, square perth

Fantastic Perth Playgrounds and Parks in Perth

Last Updated on 23 May 2024 by Ariana Svenson

If you are traveling with children you know how important it is to find a good playground for the kids.  We love sharing our insider knowledge of our home city with you so that you can decide what is best to do and see for your family.  If you are coming from an urbanized city, please enjoy our nature playgrounds Perth – we have some extremely good ones.

playground in perth
BHP Water Playground at Elizabeth Quay

There is an abundance of playgrounds in Perth.  In fact, each neighborhood park has one that generally consists of a climbing fort and slide, a swing, and some other riding apparatus!

Nowadays, when we refer to the best playgrounds in Perth, we are actually talking about the mega-playgrounds!  I noticed another blogger who used this term and it is perfect for Perth’s multimillion-dollar playgrounds that are out of this world!  They are truly Perth’s mega playgrounds!

In addition to covering the best playgrounds in Perth, we also make mention of the best parks in Perth which provide beautiful nature play areas for kids.

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playground in perth, kids playing
Rio Tinto Naturescape, Kings Park

What is the Best Playground in Perth?

If you are a busy parent then you don’t have time to be reading a comprehensive post!  You want to know the important stuff, namely, what is the best playground in Perth?

We have two favorites:

  1. Rio Tinto Naturescape in Kings Park

This is an “out of this world” nature playground.  I have never seen anything like it in all my travels with kids across the world.  There are so many wonderful opportunities for kids to be in touch with nature and use all their senses.  The naturescape leaves everyone smiling!  For a full review and my top hints go to Our Awesome Guide to Kings Park Playgrounds.

Visiting Perth with your children this winter? There is so much to do! Read our article for a list of exciting activities and attractions perfect for families: Awesome things to do in Perth in winter.

playground in perth, kings park
Awesome climbing towers at the Chevron Parkland
  1. Chevron Parkland at Optus Stadium

Another nature playground Perth, the Chevron Parkland, literally takes the kids to new heights with some innovative play equipment.  There are also a lot of chances for free play too.  For people with toddlers then we recommend the fenced playground near the Matagarup Bridge.  (Read on for more information)

playground in perth, kings park
One of the most awesome nature playgrounds I have ever seen – Rio Tinto Naturescape

Playgrounds in Perth City

I might be biased, but I think that for an inner city area, Perth has some great playgrounds to keep the kids entertained.   While Kings Park is a big hitter when it comes to playtime fun (there are 4 different playgrounds up there), Elizabeth Quay has some nice play areas, and the addition of the Wellington Square Playground in East Perth is amazing for those living in the inner city – or just wanting to make a day visit.

Kings Park Playgrounds

Without a doubt iconic Kings Park offers some of the very best playgrounds Perth.  There are four different playgrounds in Kings Park, each offering a different experience for kids.

Ivey Watson Playground – for under 5-year-olds

Kings Park Synergy Playground – suitable for 5 – 12 years

Variety Place Playground – suitable for 5 – 10 years

Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park – suitable for 4 years to adults.  Just amazing!

Plenty of water and natural play at the Rio Tinto Naturescape

As to be expected, in such a stunning natural area, the Kings Park playgrounds generally have an emphasis on the natural environment and offering nature playgrounds.  They encourage children to extend their abilities and go to new heights (literally).  There are a lot of details and useful hints at our mega-post An Awesome Guide To Kings Park Playgrounds.

If you are looking for the best playgrounds Perth, your first stop should be Kings Park.

Also, Kings Park is considered the world’s best inner-city park.  Given that you should absolutely spend some time enjoying this, the best of the parks in Perth.  For all the details about Kings Park, read our post Discover Beautiful Kings Park Perth WA – A Useful Guide.

best playground in Perth
The Water playground at Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay Playgrounds

The beautiful Elizabeth Quay area on Perth City’s waterfront certainly is one of the best parks in Perth.  Our full post, Really Fun things to do at Elizabeth Quay covers the ins and outs of visiting another couple of the best playgrounds in Perth.

The BHP Billiton Water Park is also probably the best of the water playgrounds Perth.  It is a large area that shoots up water fountains on one hour cycle.  That is, there are 50 minutes of fountains and 10 minutes for rest.  As a parent, I will give you a tip – in the 10-minute break bundle up your kids and get out of there or they will want to run around for another 50 minutes.

best playground in Perth
The Island Playground

The other Elizabeth Quay playground is the Island Playground, found, as to be expected on the island.  This nautical styled playground is not the biggest of the Perth playgrounds, but has a great ship (tower) to climb, with climbing ropes and a tall slide.  There is a water play area as well as a sandpit.  Size-wise, this is a fairly small playground and also one of the busier playgrounds in the Perth city area.  Whenever we have visited on a weekend it’s packed with kids having a ball!


As expected with an inner-city attraction, parking at Elizabeth Quay is tricky and you need to walk to get to the playgrounds.  The best places to park are the Elizabeth Quay and the Barrack Street Jetty Precinct City of Perth carparks.  We often choose to take public transport as The Elizabeth Quay Train Station and Bus Port (formerly The Esplanade Station) is located across the road from Elizabeth Quay, and it makes a lot of sense to not pay parking when in the city!

Wellington Square Playground

The star attraction of the dual named Wellington Square Playground- Koolangka Koolangka Waabiny is the amazing banksia theme and an awesome variety of different play areas.  Advertised as one of the biggest playgrounds in greater Perth, this 3000m2 intergenerational playground certainly could be described as a ‘Mega Perth Playground’ or Super play area.

With an amazing array of different playground activities – like very tall banksia inspired climbing towers, slides, and an all-access embankment area with slides, and a very attractive design this is a beautiful playground which we have fully reviewed at Koolanga Koolanga Waabiny – Wellington Square Playground Guide.  We really love the combination of old favourites – like a basketball court – with new, more popular options like parkour elements.  It is well located in relation to the Perth Mint and other central Perth attractions.

Parking – Wellington Square Playground

If you approach the Wellington Square playground along Wellington Street (many people will) you might get the impression that it’s super busy and parking is hard to find.  We turned into Bennett Street and found parking quickly.  If you are wishing to visit the Perth Mint, then it would be better to park on Hill Street and walk the extra distance to the playground.

State of the art, Optus Stadium, Perth
State of the art, Optus Stadium, Perth

Chevron Parkland & Optus Stadium Playgrounds

The Optus Stadium area offers three of the best playgrounds in Perth.  I might also add they are some of the newest.  We love coming to the Optus Stadium area largely because there is something for all ages, and ranges of abilities that keeps my three kids happy.

Playing in the Sensory Playground at Optus Stadium
Playing in the Sensory Playground at Optus Stadium

Optus Stadium Sensory Playground

First up is the Sensory Playground, which is completely fenced for families with smaller kids who are worried they might run off.  There’s a picnic shelter, a zip line which will keep the older kids happy, and a rope climbing tower.  In keeping with being a sensory playground, there is also a beautiful set of pipes to play so your budding Beethoven can make beautiful music.  All this with the backdrop of the brand new Optus Stadium and in the shadows of the Matagarup Bridge, this is a great toddler playground Perth.

Parking:  There is parking right next door to the playground.  It doubles as parking for the very popular Camfield Pub.  Obviously, if there is a game on at Optus Stadium it’s going to be impossible to visit one of these playgrounds, so we will politely suggest looking for somewhere else

Bonus!  If you are looking for a fun family lunch, why not consider The Camfield?  Reviews tell me it is the largest pub in Australia and has a microbrewery on site.  While you aren’t going to be able to let the kids play in the playgrounds while you sit at the pub, it sounds like it would be a good place for a treat after a play!

Running onto Matagarup Bridge, Perth with a storm threatening!
Running onto Matagarup Bridge, Perth with a storm threatening!

Matagarup Bridge

While we are on the topic of the best parks Perth, the Matagarup Bridge links the new Optus Stadium with the city of Perth.  It is designed to keep traffic away from this tiny little peninsula on the Swan River.  Matagarup Bridge is designed so that that people can park for sports events and then walk over this truly sensational bridge before the game.  In keeping with the spirit of “big games”, the Matagarup bridge is big and bold and really fantastic and worth a visit in its own right.

Walking over the bridge is lots of fun for the kids as you look up and can see the amazing arches etched against the sky.  While the structure was controversial in Western Australia, it is definitely worth a look.

If you are visiting, check out if bridge limbs and zip lines have been started commercially.  There are rumors of offering a bridge climb to the highest point of the Matagarup Bridge, before zip-lining back to shore!

best playgrounds in Perth
Building humpies in the shadow of the Optus Stadium

Chevron Parkland Adventure Play Area

The Chevron Parkland Adventure Play area is, without doubt, one of the best nature playgrounds Perth, and a truly fabulous natural play area.  The sensory playground which I have just mentioned is a great fenced playground and suitable for younger children.  The Chevron Parkland Playground Perth is suitable for older children, 5 years and up.  It is not fenced and does its best to recreate a natural environment.  There is plenty of unfenced water around on all sides, which definitely adds to the feeling that this is not for small children.

The Chevron Parkland is large, about 500 m from one end to another (this is a big adventure playground)!  The playground has various sections, and each part explores a different element of the aboriginal seasonal calendar.  You can learn about indigenous culture while also playing.  In our case, our kids took off and had a ball.  They loved the emu egg nest, complete with emu eggs and an area where they were building bark huts and humpies.

Best Playgrounds Perth
One of the best adventure playground Perth

The kid’s absolute favorite section of this nature playground Perth was a funky red and black tower about 5 m tall up into the air.  The kids were required to use some very complex climbing skills to get to the top of the tower and then walk on narrow bridges across to other towers.  It was definitely a challenging climbing exercise.  Our 5-year-old did it competently; our 8-year-old loved it.

There are some nice picnic tables and shelters interspersed amongst the different seasonal play sections.  Pack a picnic while your children roam free!  The Sensory Playground is not for your pooch but the Chevron Parkland is pet-friendly and there were many people walking their dogs on the walk and cycle trail along the beautiful Swan River.

The Optus Stadium Chevron Parkland is a very new and innovative area of Perth playgrounds and parks in Perth.  It is a great place to visit for both locals and those visiting Perth for the first time.

Parking:  You can park near the Camfield Pub and then walk to the Chevron Parkland.

best playgrounds in Perth
Matagarup Bridge

Playgrounds Perth – North of the River

Hyde Park Perth

nature playgrounds Perth
We enjoy wandering in Hyde Park Perth

With a very European feel, we love to walk and run around Hyde Park Perth all year round.  There is a lovely lake, winding walk paths, and ducks on the water.

Especially visit Hyde Park in autumn when there is a Northern Hemisphere style of falling leaves, making it definitely one of the best parks in Perth.

best parks Perth
Hyde Park Playground

Hyde Park Playground

The Hyde Park playgrounds were definitely the most innovative when they were built but now are overshadowed by bigger “mega” Perth playgrounds.  Don’t tell the kids that though, they still have a ball!

Once considered a huge playground, the Hyde Park playground has a large climbing fort, a spider climbing tower, and some natural logs to climb on.  There are large toilets nearby.

best parks Perth
Hyde Park water playground

Hyde Park Water Playground

I remember when the Hyde Park Water Playground first opened, it was extremely innovative and the best water playgrounds Perth has to offer.  In time, it was overshadowed by other water parks, especially the BHP Billiton Water Park at Elizabeth Quay.  Recently, the park has been refurbished and had shade sails put in place which will make it much easier to use in the height of the hot Perth summer.

Parking:  There is limited parking at Hyde Park Perth, you need to drive around the park for a while until you find a spot on most weekends.  Both the Hyde Park Playground and the Hyde Park Water Playground are located on the western end of the park.

Perth Parks and Playgrounds
Subiaco Theatre Gardens

Subiaco Theatre Gardens Playground

Subiaco Theatre Gardens Playground has always been a favourite, as much for the playground as for the beautiful gardens, lawn area and the creek bed.  The Gardens surround the Subiaco Arts Centre. It is also very shady on hot Perth days.  Bring some spare clothes as the water play feature is very popular. The fort is fun to play on – and other features are a concrete slide, a tight rope walk, sand play trays, boulder climb, and basket swing

Billie Bob, ine of the Giants of Mandurah.

At the moment, one of the Giants of Mandurah got lost and found himself in the Subiaco Theatre Gardens – meet Billie Bob, created by world-renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo.

children playing at the park in perth western australia

Jo Wheatley All Abilities Playground

Playgrounds Perth was greatly improved with the addition of this new playground located in Beaton Park.  With views of the Swan River and adjacent to the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club, it is a wonderfully organized place to play with A LOT to do for the whole family.

Better still, as it is an “all abilities” playground, there is a wide range of difficulty meaning you can play with kids of a range of ages.  There are a few things that will keep littlies entertained, while heaps for older kids.  Our 5-year-old loved the super high climbing spider web style net, the zip line as well as the nature-based play area.

The area combines soft fall under many swings, with a more natural aspect in others.  Those more artistically inclined will also enjoy a range of musical instruments.

This is a brand-new Perth playground (built at end of 2018).  There are also good BBQ and picnic facilities which were well-used the day we were there.

Finally, this entire playground is fenced, which gives you a little extra peace of mind with the river nearby.  For the folks, a river is always a nice place for 5 minutes of headspace.

Braithwaite Park Mt Hawthorn

I was particularly keen to visit Braithwaite Park Mt Hawthorn.  I read that it had been designed by students at the local Mt Hawthorn Primary school, aged 10 or 11.  That’s the age of my tween who has recently decided that Playgrounds are for little kids!

I’m not going to be a spoiler, but while this playground is pretty special it is not in the same category of the so-called ‘Mega Playgrounds’.  However, if you are in the area (maybe doing some shopping on Scarborough Beach road, it makes a great place for kids to let off steam.

The fact that this park has been designed by kids means that there are some great climbing towers – which are high –and rope balancing sections as well.   There is also a long zip line which was popular on the day we visited.

There are some very creative looking wire mesh houses that make great cubby houses.  Also, a fun water feature which the toddler and the tween bonded over.

As with any multi-age playground we did have to supervise the toddler very carefully.  She nearly got bowled over a couple of times by bigger kids.  However, that’s not a reflection on Braithwaite Park itself.  That is just what happens at multi-age playgrounds.

kids activities perth

Lake Monger

Lake Monger is one of the largest suburban lakes in Perth.  It is located in the easy to access suburb of Wembley.  We’ve included it in our list of parks in Perth because we love to visit it and see the black swans, as will visitors to Perth.  The black swans are the animal emblem of Western Australia.  They glide about elegantly on the water of Lake Monger.  However, if they think you have food can be quite aggressive.

The walk around Lake Monger is 3.5 km on a very flat walk path.  Most of the walk is quite serene, apart from the sounds of the freeway nearby.  Kids learning to ride a bike or scooter will particularly enjoy the dual-use trail.  There is also a small playground that will keep small children entertained for a while.  We particularly enjoy a walk around Lake Monger at sunset with our dog.  In addition, the Lake Monger dog area is a huge.  It is a safe place for your dog to have fun off the leash!

Secret Garden Perth

That’s right, Perth has its very own Secret Garden.  You will hear locals call it the “Gwelup Secret Garden”.  It actually was a secret until it became popular on Instagram!  Kids can really get lost and use their imagination in this overgrown little patch of park in a North Perth suburb!  Maybe the Secret Garden won’t be top of your “Perth for kids” list, but it definitely should be if you are a local or enjoying an extended stay in Perth.

Perth Playgrounds – Beach Suburbs

cotteslou beach playgrounds in Perth
Cottesloe Beach Playground

Cottesloe Beach Playground

Without doubt, Cottesloe is one of the most iconic beaches in Perth and that makes this a place that the whole family can enjoy.

Before heading to the Cottesloe playground, walk out on the rock wall for views back to the iconic Lifesaving Club done art deco style, and the pines etched on the horizon.  Or, play and barbecue under the pines while the kids play.  There are two playgrounds at Cottesloe Beach.  Either the playground grew organically, or they constructed one side with smaller children in mind.  The other section is for older more adventurous children.

In a city where there are some seriously amazing new and custom-designed playgrounds (the “mega playgrounds”), the Cottesloe playgrounds are on the simple and traditional side.  However, on the other hand, you can’t beat the location.  There are also some very hip places to stop for a drink and a meal should you want to extend your time in the Cottesloe area.

Perth Western Australia playgounds
The Whale Playground in Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach Whale Playground

As one of Perth’s favourite beaches, the recent building of a new whale sized playground at Scarborough Beach has just added to what is already a beautiful area.  Yes, this is a mega playground Perth!  At the heart of this innovative themed playground is a skeleton of a whale and kids can really get into the story!

If you want to know more great beaches in Perth, read our guide with a list of the best beaches in this city!

While the Whale Playground is not fenced, the playground is contained by the dunes and landscaping and is an all abilities’ playground.  In addition to the challenging whale skeleton climbing area, there are swings, a lookout, and wheelchair accessible swings.

Our kids loved climbing through the netting in the whale’s skeleton.  There is also a VERY fast slide (faster than a normal slide)!  For those kids less climbing oriented and more into imagination, there is a great lookout where you can imagine you were shipwrecked alongside a big whale.

best parks Perth

There are other nautical and whale themed play equipment through these exceptionally well designed newer of the Perth playgrounds which capture kid’s imagination and excitement as they run around.

We love Scarborough Beach for a good walk or a swim.  This playground is the perfect addition for the kids.  There are grassed areas for a picnic.

South Perth Playgrounds / South of the River

Sir James Mitchell Park

One of our favourite things to do year round is scooter or walk on the South Perth foreshore – along the foreshore is a great range of different playgrounds. The James Mitchell Park is without doubt the most spectacular of the Perth Parks (well, maybe after Kings Park!) and one of the best places to spend some time with the kids.

Playing at Mends St Jetty Playground with views of Perth City in the background
Playing at Mends St Jetty Playground with views of Perth City in the background

Mends Street Jetty Playgrounds (in Sir James Mitchell Park)

The Mends Street area has grown up in recent years to have a vibrant cafe scene.  The Windsor pub on the corner is always a vibrant place with some delicious meals.  If you are looking for a cheap but interesting way to get from the South of the river area to the city, then our kids love a ferry ride across the Swan River.

The Mends Street Esplanade and Parkland provide stunning views of the Perth city skyline.  There are also plenty of places to put down a picnic rug or soak in the ambiance.

There are two South Perth playgrounds in the Mends Street Jetty area.  One is immediately adjacent to the ferry terminal and is suitable for smaller kids and toddlers.  Meaning it is not very challenging!  Our children loved looking at the paddle wheel and looking at the boats arrive.

About 150 meters walk from the jetty is a far more challenging playground known as the “Scented Garden Playground”.  Suitable for kids approx. 5 and above, it is much higher and includes a good range of climbing and slides.

It is a fun walk to walk from the Mends Street Jetty to the Scented Garden Playground and then back again.

boy plays at South Perth playground

Hurlingham Road Playground

If you are looking to enjoy stunning views of the Swan River without the people, and with much easier parking, then consider heading to the Hurlingham Road playground in Sir James Mitchell Park.

It is not one of the newer or “mega” playgrounds Perth.  However, it will keep the kids amused for a while.  It looks to be all abilities as there are long ramps for wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible swings.  There are beautiful grassed areas and barbecues.  Also, because this is a less popular part of Sir James Mitchell Park you can find a nice secluded place for your family picnic.

Coode Street Jetty Playground

Another one of these is the Coode Street Jetty Playground.  It is quite similar to the playground further up the river, the Hurlingham Road playground, nonetheless the kids don’t mind and played happily for close to an hour.   The kids also like the Coode Street Jetty itself, which has lovely views of the city!

Heathcoate Reserve Pirate Ship Playground

This Pirate Ship Playground ticks the boxes for parents and kids alike and is a popular South Perth playground.  For the parents, there are stunning views across the river.  While for kids the playground is cleverly designed and takes them away with their imagination.  In short, the Heathcoate Reserve Pirate Ship Playground is a giant pirate ship made out of wood.  There are tunnels, climbing sections, and slides all around the ship.  Our kids loved the portholes as well.

We did lose track of the kids a couple of times.  It’s not a great place for very young children (say under 4) without keeping your eyes on them at all times.  We packed a picnic and enjoyed evening drinks and cheese on the grassed areas before going on a long walk along the Swan River.

Parking:  There is an ample parking lot right beside the playground.  It does get busy on warm summer evenings as Perth families enjoy what makes their city so beautiful

Adventurescape South Yunderup (a Mega-Playground!)

Located in the new suburb of South Yunderup, the Adventurescape is so far south it actually makes a reasonable first stop on a South West Road trip!  This is a well-designed coherent playground with a farmyard theme… and it’s a lot of fun.   Let’s start with the signature pig that is synonymous with the Adventurescape South Yunderup.  The giant pig is perfect for climbing on, (though granted probably more for the younger ones).  The older kids are well challenged with the 8.5 metre high windmill, complex climbing frames and a 35 metre long flying fox.

Even though contained in a small area, these different climbing apparatus really tick all the boxes for kids of different ages.

South Yunderup Playground

Don’t forget that there are large grassed areas, for group activities, brand new BBQs and the playground and entire area feels new and well maintained.

The Adventurescape South Yunderup is about 1 hour south of the Perth CBD.  It is accessed via the Forest Hwy, take the Pinjarra Road exit.  It is about 8 to 10 minutes off the highway.

If you are planning to make a day of it, you might consider having a lunch at the Ravenswood Pub on the Murray River.  The historic pub is over 100 years old, and offers an historic atmospheric setting on the banks of the river.  We’ve not been ourselves but the day we went past it was full and looked like a popular place for a fun afternoon!

best playgrounds in Perth

Esplanade Park Fremantle

We love to visit the Playground Fremantle “under the Pines”.  Nestled in between Fremantle’s Cappuccino Strip and Fishing Boat Harbour, the Esplanade Park Fremantle is located on Marine Parade.

Underneath about 100 mature Norfolk Pines there is a lot of space, which gives the kids a good chance to run and stretch their legs.  In the actual Esplanade Park playground, there is a section for little kids, with low climbing frames.  For older kids, there is a high slide and a climbing tower.  There are lots of swings, which is lucky as this is a busy playground, especially on weekends.

We have also gone on the Fremantle Ferris Wheel or eaten at the Carriage Cafe, an iconic part of the Esplanade Park Fremantle.

There is plenty to see and do around the playground.  Check out the Fremantle Youth Plaza with a skate park and climbing frames for older children, the Fremantle Eye, Fishing Boat Harbour, and Fremantle Markets.

There are plenty of fun things to do with kids in Fremantle! If you want to explore more family activities in the area, you should read our blog post.

Parking:  There is lots of paid parking on the streets around the Esplanade Park.

best playground in Perth
Chevron Stadium Perth

South of the River Playgrounds on our List

The Rivergums Adventure Park Baldivis – Monster inspired nature-based adventure playground.

Kwinana Adventure Park – Possibly the biggest of the playgrounds in Perth, this adventure park cost a whopping $5.2 Million dollars.  That figure got my attention; I guess the kids will like the water play and the mazes.

Bibra Lake Regional Playground – This is one of the mega Perth playgrounds that opened very recently.  I am super curious to see all the challenging activities, especially the treetop aerial rope walk!

I’ve seen a few posts recently that include Busselton, Denmark and Donnybrook playgrounds as being Perth playgrounds.  They really aren’t.  However, you can check them out in our post, Donnybrook Apple Fun Park & Playgrounds on a South West Australia road trip.

However, I will include this Mandurah Playground on our list of the best playgrounds in Perth as we are desperate to visit.

best playground in Perth
Jo Wheatley All Abilities Playground

More Perth Resources

Visiting Perth and the surrounding area and looking for more information?  Check out some of our other Perth posts.

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best playgrounds Perth
Variety Place playground Kings Park

The Verdict – 

We hope you have enjoyed our summary of the best playgrounds in Perth.  Like I said in the introduction, Perth playgrounds are abundant, and there are several in every suburb.  However, here we have included the very best Perth playgrounds (or the mega ones), and also tried to give an assessment as to what ages they are appropriate for!  We hope that you are inspired by our summary and get out and explore this magnificent city we call home!

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Fantastic Perth Playgrounds and Parks in Perth

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