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Peaceful Bay WA – A Complete Guide (2023)

We’re sharing with you one of our favorite places in the whole world, Peaceful Bay WA.  When you truly love a place it’s hard to know if it’s the right thing to do to share.  I mean, we love Peaceful Bay – Kwallup the way it is; we don’t want to see it too busy!

Peaceful Bay is a totally chilled out and relaxed holiday spot about 30 kilometers east of Walpole, Western Australia when you are heading towards Denmark.  As the name suggests, the swimming beach here is peaceful, and also very gorgeous!  This little known beach is not far from the world-famous Greens Pool in William Bay National Park and has a similar look, without the crowds.

Kwallup is the Noongar word for Peaceful Bay and means “Place of Sand”  The people of Noongar Boodja (Noongar People’s Country) are the traditional owners of the South West of Western Australia,  and we recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past and present and continue a commitment to the amplification of their voices.

Disclosure:  Through my site there are links to affiliates, which means that I might receive commission if you buy something after clicking them.  This costs you no more, and you definitely don’t pay extra.  However, I do get a small amount which contributes to the upkeep of this blog.    Thanks so much for all of your support – and we hope you have a ball in Western Australia!

A Guide To Peaceful Bay WA

Peaceful Bay is on the eastern side of a headland.  The swimming beach is located near the Peaceful Bay Caravan Park and has toilets and showers, as well as a carpark.  Technically Peaceful Bay runs for miles and is split by the Irwin Inlet as it enters the ocean.

There is a sizable permanent population in Peaceful Bay, as well as a wonderful collection of eclectic shacks that are owned by farming families from the southern areas, including Manjimup and Cranbrook.  Peaceful Bay was once part of a coastal grazing lease used by farmers from these areas for summer grazing their cattle.

Things to do around Peaceful Bay WA

A Guide To Peaceful Bay WA

Swimming at the Beach

Our favorite thing to do at Peaceful Bay is swimming in the protected waters around the rocks, in the swimming area.  There is also some nice snorkeling, though it is not a coral reef, so somewhat ‘brown.’

Our family has a stand-up paddleboard, and it’s the perfect area for beginners to give it a go.

For learning surfers, there are some small breaks on the beach that runs towards Irwin Inlet.  However, be careful as there are some also some rips.  Always take care and be aware when near the powerful southern ocean.  Large waves are common.  Your safety is your responsibility.

A Guide To Peaceful Bay WA

Beach Walks

As mentioned above, as the Bibbulmun Track runs right through Peaceful Bay there are great walks heading in either direction.  If you just fancy a leisurely walk, join the Bibbulmun Track at Peaceful Bay and enjoy the rugged south coast scenery on the way to Point Irwin.

We enjoyed the 12 km from Conspicuous Cliffs to Peaceful Bay, via the Rame head campsite not that long ago!

wildflowers peaceful bay western australia

Wildflowers Around Peaceful Bay

In spring, the dunes and coastal bushlands are carpeted in the colorful blooms of wildflowers.

The Ficifolia is a red flowering gum tree that is synonymous with the Walpole area.  The Corymbia Ficilfolia only grows around Walpole naturally – though it is now one of the most commonly planted ornamental eucalypts.

The tree itself is not that attractive, being small with rough fibrous bark.  However, boy the colors of the Ficifolia are amazing!  From deep reds to pinks and apricots.  Can you guess where the Ficifolia grows naturally around Peaceful Bay? On Ficifolia Road!  They tend to flower in late January and February, so not at the same time as the bulk of the rest of the other wildflowers in Peaceful Bay.

favorite thing to do at Peaceful Bay

Fishing At Peaceful Bay

Locals rave about the fishing at Peaceful Bay.  If you are looking for tips, you should ask around when you are there.

Be reminded that fishing from rocks is extremely dangerous and there are often a couple of deaths each year from fishermen being washed away.  The Southern Ocean often has large wave surges, so be extremely cautious when climbing, driving, or walking close to the waterline.

There are boat launching facilities at Peaceful Bay and a Sea Rescue manned by volunteers.

4-Wheel Driving At Peaceful Bay

If you prefer to explore on four wheels, there are many tracks leading through the Walpole-Nornalup National Park.  Look for the signs to Rame Head.  You will need 4 wheel driving experience to do this activity

favorite thing to do at Peaceful Bay


One of the main attractions of Peaceful Bay is that it is an old fashioned beachside village where time has stood still.  The phone reception is not great, so it’s a great time to unplug and have a digital detox.  Why not read a book, toast marshmallows, or play cards.

If you are keen for a more active relax, there is a great yoga teacher named Jenny who does twice-weekly classes in Nornalup and Walpole.

Peaceful Bay WA

Attractions Near Peaceful Bay WA

Denmark Dinosaur World

Conveniently located between Bandit Road, Bow Bridge between Denmark and Walpole ,the Denmark Dinosaur World is worth a visit.  You can  up close and personal with the only T-Rex in Australia (a model of course), explore the Kangaroo Paddock, or walk in open air aviaries and meet the birds.  We’ve not gone to the Denmark Dinosaur World in many years (it was formerly the Parrot place) so are planning to head back soon!

Conspicuous Cliff, Walpole Nornalup National Park

Just along the coast from Peaceful Bay is the truly spectacular Conspicuous Cliff Beach.  If you have a 2WD car, then it is accessed by going via Ficifolia Road.  We love walking on the beach at Conspicuous Cliff, but there is also a fabulous lookout on top of the cliff.

Don’t forget to take your binoculars, between July and October.  While the whales aren’t really close you can see them if you watch for spouting, breaching and tail slapping.

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

In addition to some beautiful beaches, nearby is the world-famous Valley of the Giants is about 20 minutes’ drive from Peaceful Bay.  If you are keen to check out the Valley of the Giants, we suggest reading our post A Complete Guide To The Valley Of The Giants Tree Top Walk Walpole.

Greens Pool at William Bay

The nearby beaches at the Insta-famous Greens Pool are protected by large rocks out to sea and are declared safe for swimming.  Nearby are the very special Elephant Rocks.  En route to Greens Pool, you could visit the Sly Fox Diner, the Good Food Factory (home to the Giant Cone and Denmark Soccer Golf

Attractions Near Peaceful Bay WA

How to Get to Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay is located 50 km west of Denmark, just after the Bow Bridge Roadhouse.  As the roads are quite winding in this area of the world, that’s about 40 minutes.  Alternatively, it is 5 hours south of Perth, Western Australia.

Some people come to Peaceful Bay via the epic Bibbulmun Track.  One of the world’s greatest long-distance hiking trails the Bibbulmun Track runs from Perth to Albany and takes about 6 weeks if doing it end to end.  You can have a welcome rest in Peaceful Bay if you arrive on foot!

Peaceful Bay WA

Peaceful Bay Accommodation

As expected of a place that has stopped in time, there are only two Peaceful Bay accommodation options, and they are not for people looking for modern facilities.  However, if you are looking for laid back and friendly, then Peaceful Bay is what you are looking for.

Peaceful Bay Caravan Park

The Peaceful Bay Caravan Park is at the heart of the Peaceful Bay settlement and houses the General Store, Fish n Chip shop, as well as the reception for the Caravan Park.

In general, the caravan facilities are quite dated.  Some of the ablution blocks are very old, and some definitely better than others.  We haven’t stayed but our family has and they did have preferences.  Also, the camping sites aren’t level and quite random.  However, therein lies the charm – you feel like you have some privacy, even though the ground isn’t quite flat!

The Peaceful Bay Caravan Park is dog friendly and the beach is so close you can hear the surf at night.  This is great for those that love a chilled old fashioned experience love Peaceful Bay.  Check here for current rates to stay at the Peaceful Bay Caravan Park.

Peaceful Bay Chalets

The other accommodation option in Peaceful Bay is the chalets.  They have a random collection of units that can best be described as rustic and homely.  Read the reviews online before booking as this experience won’t suit everyone.  Also, note that the Peaceful Bay chalets are quite some distance from the beach.  Check here for current rates to stay at the Peaceful Bay Chalets.

Peaceful Bay Accommodation

Tree Elle Retreat

For those looking for a 4-star stay near Peaceful Bay, the gorgeous Tree Elle Retreat is located just 10 minutes’ drive from Peaceful in the nearby locality of Bow Bridge.  With spacious two-story chalets, Tree Elle is most famous for its spectacular gardens and is extremely popular as a wedding venue.  If you are traveling with kids, the gardens give plenty of playing space for the children.

While not technically a farm stay, Tree Elle does have a lovely collection of animals that our children have loved to play with.  Check here for current rates to stay at Tree Elle.

Peaceful Bay WA

Places to Eat at Peaceful Bay

Peaceful Bay Fish n Chips

Inside the General Store and Caravan Park reception is a fish and chip shop serving up pretty good fish n chips!

Bow Bridge Road house

Bow Bridge Roadhouse

Just 10 minutes from the Peaceful Bay Settlement is the Bow Bridge Roadhouse, located next to the Bow River.  Like Peaceful Bay, a stop at Bow Bridge is like a step back in time.  Service tends to be relaxed.  There is also a limited general store and fuel is available.

The Bow Bridge Burger (or the Bow Burger) is worth the wait!  They are massive, fresh, and handmade – like burgers used to be in the old days.  Also, keep in mind that there is no coffee available at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, so if you are coming from Denmark or Albany then the best stop to get your caffeine hit is Bow Bridge.

The Marron Tale, Bow Bridge

A newly built café located at Bow Bridge, close to the Peaceful Bay road, The Marron Tale Café and Farm are all about show casing western Australian Marron to the world.

The menu looks fabulous and includes not just marron, or innovative dishes like Marron Fettuccini, but a range of old favorites, tea, coffee and drinks.  You can also buy marron to take home and cook yourself.  Definitely worth checking out!

The Sly Fox Diner, Kent River
The funky Sly Fox Diner

Sly Fox Diner, Kent River

Located at the Kent River, near Bow Bridge WA, the Sly Fox Diner opened at the end of 2021.  Wow, we love the décor, an eclectic collection of numberplates and memorabilia all house in an old hall. This place has an awesome vibe and SUCH a fun feel, we just had hot chips and a milkshake, but we can’t wait to get back and soak up more of the retro vibe and have a full meal.

Places To Eat At Peaceful Bay

Top Tips To Be Prepared At Peaceful Bay

Places To Eat At Peaceful Bay

  • If an Easterly is blowing then Peaceful Bay is NOT peaceful!  Haha!  It’s rough and the sand blows around.  A much better option is Greens Pool or the river at Nornalup.
  • If you are going to drive up to the mouth of the Irwin Inlet, let down your tires to drive up the beach.  Keep an eye on the tides as the tide can come up fast and catch unsuspecting folk.
  • This entire coast can be dangerous.  Exercise caution when doing any ocean activity at Peaceful Bay.

Peaceful Bay WA

The Verdict – Peaceful Bay WA

If you are looking for a laid back southern coastal holiday like the good old days, Peaceful Bay Australia is for you.  We love the stunning white sand and turquoise waters of the swimming beach and the children love to play in the sand.  This is an excellent alternative to Greens Pool at William Bay on a busy day!

We realize that things change all the time, and so it’s really important to us that we provide the most up to date information possible!  That’s why we go through our pages annually making sure they are as current as possible.  As always, if you notice something that’s not quite right, please let us know in the comments!

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Peaceful Bay WA - A Complete Guide

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