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Western Australian Bucket List Wave Rock in Hyden Western Australia

Best Things to do in Wave Rock WA & Hyden Accommodation

Last Updated on 11 August 2023 by Ariana Svenson

Join us on a fascinating trip to Wave Rock – and get our recommendations for the best Hyden Accommodation, and best things to do in Wave Rock!  Wave Rock Perth is, without a doubt, one of Western Australia’s iconic destinations!  The huge rock which looks like a wave crashing down is a lot of fun and has been one of Western Australia’s most popular attractions for years.  In fact, I’d say that along with the Pinnacles North of Perth and the Tree Top Walk in the South, Wave Rock Perth should be on your Bucket List.  However, if you are traveling with the family, you’ll also need our tips for things to do in Wave Rock, Australia!

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Things to do at Wave Rock WA, surf the wave,Hyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock WA


What makes Wave Rock so Special?

Hyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock WA Wave Rock is a 15 meters high/110 meters long perfectly curved rock that has taken on the shape of a wave frozen in time.  The striped colors also make it pretty fascinating Wave Rock WA quite literally stands in the middle of the Wheatbelt, with not a whole heap around it.  It is famous because of its fantastic shape, but it’s also very old – maybe 2.7 billion years!  For more fantastic Wave Rock Facts. Wave Rock Western Australia - fun things to do,Hyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock WA

Getting to Wave Rock from Perth – How to Get to Hyden WA

You can drive to and from Wave Rock from Perth in a day.  Pert to Hyden is 335km there.  And, you guessed it, Hyden to Perth is 335km back!  Due to the road conditions, you need to allow 4 hours driving each way.  8 hours driving is a lot in one day to see a rock but is doable if you don’t have a lot of time. 

We strongly recommend taking your time and incorporating a visit to Wave Rock WA into a longer road trip! The Pathways to Wave Rock is a well-designed itinerary that incorporates visits to the quirky and unique towns around Hyden.  You can discover more at Pathways to Wave Rock.  We explain in more detail this itinerary below.

We’ve visited Wave Rock on two occasions – once on our epic Perth to Esperance Road trip where we stayed at Wave Rock on the first night and then onto Esperance (via Lake Grace) the next day.  On another occasion, we also did a mega country road trip from Albany, to the Stirling Ranges, and then onto Hyden and later to the Goldfields. Traveling to Hyden Western Australia, road sign,hyden accommodation western australiaThere are two ways to visit Wave Rock from Perth:

  1. By joining a Wave Rock Perth Tour – These tours are a lot of fun, and often you can combine visiting other places in the one tour.
  2. Self-drive – If you planning to visit Wave Rock with Kids then by far the best option is to self-drive.  This gives you the freedom to stop on the way.  As we have suggested above, we recommend checking out the Pathways to Wave Rock itinerary.

Wave Rock to Perth - a map,perth to wave rock

Perth to Hyden Wave Rock Itinerary

It is about a 4 hours drive from Perth to Wave Rock which is in the middle of sheep and wheat country.  That means a long drive with lots of wheat and sheep fields in between.  When planning your Perth to Wave Rock itinerary, take a look at our map and decide what route you would like to take to get from Wave Rock to Perth.  Essentially you can make a loop itinerary

  • Stop in York. We have heard that there is plenty to do.  There is the York Ice Cream Co, the Residency Museum (complete with a dress-up room!), and a playground.
  • Or, take a different route.  The Tin Horse Highway at Kulin is a seriously funny 20km stretch of road outside the rural town of Kulin.
  • Don’t miss the Dog Cemetery in Corrigin!

If you would rather leave the driving to someone else, then perhaps a Wave Rock day tour from Perth is a great option.  

What is the Entry Fee to Wave Rock?

The Wave Rock Entry Fee is $15 per care and entitles you to visit all the other attractions like Hippos Yawn.  The museums are $5 per person except for the Pioneer Museum which is $4 per person.  The Wave Rock Wildlife Park entry fee is $12 per adult and $5 per child. perth to wave rock

Hyden Accommodation (Wave Rock Accommodation)

Wave Rock Hyden is really located in the middle of the Australian bush.  The nearest town is Hyden, just 6 minutes away (or 5km) from the rock itself.  There are not a lot of Hyden WA accommodation options so we have tried to give you a thorough review here so that you are fully informed of your options.  Luxury-style accommodation is quite hard to find.

Wave Rock Accommodation/ Hyden Accommodation,perth to wave rock

Wave Rock Caravan Park (Hyden Caravan Park)

We stayed at the Wave Rock Caravan Park.  Our choice for Hyden WA Accommodation was the Wave Rock Caravan Park.  We stayed in a self-contained cabin that was rustic.  However, was clean and comfy and provided an affordable place to stay the night.  It had a small kitchen and living area, plus a separate bedroom and bathroom.  We brought food with us and were able to cook a simple dinner and breakfast.  The rate includes entry to Wave Rock as well. For campers and caravanners, the Wave Rock Caravan Park is very clean and has a great camp kitchen, BBQs and toilets/showers, and laundry facilities with coin washing machines, dryers, and a clothesline.  There are also ensuite sites should you wish to take this option.

There are lots of walk trails leading from the Caravan Park and the Museums and Wildlife Park are across the road.  It is a nice feeling to park your car and then walk to the rock, and the Museums.  One of our favorite things about staying here is that you can visit Wave Rock at different times of the day.  For example, it’s a short walk at sunset and why not take a bottle of wine and some crackers and cheese to watch the sunset from the top?  On a clear night, you can go back to the rock and lay on the warm curve under the rim and stargaze.  Far from the city lights, you can see so many stars and people report that this is a highlight of their holiday.

For families, there is a swimming pool and is a playground for the children as well as a cricket pitch, and a large undercover eating area (where they can play games).  In addition, The Wave Rock Kiosk sells ice-creams and drinks, some basic food, and Wave Rock souvenirs.

Wave Rock Pet-Friendly Accommodation

The Wave Rock Caravan Park offers limited pet-friendly accommodation.  Call for specific details. wave rock wa

Wave Rock Motel

The Wave Rock Motel is a typical country motel.  Which means it provides you with a clean room and a good night’s sleep.  The bathrooms have been refurbished, but otherwise, reviews indicate it is dated but a good value.  There is a swimming pool which is great for the kids on hot days.  The Wave Rock Motel is used by the Hyden community as their “local” and offers a friendly place for a drink, especially if you want to get to know the locals!  This is a great Wave Rock accommodation option.

Wave Rock Resort

The most popular other Wave Rock Accommodation option is the aptly named Wave Rock Resort which are self-contained brick cottages near Lake Magic.  With two bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, and dining area these are the perfect option for families traveling to Wave Rock. While they are clean and well maintained, keep in mind this is not a “resort” in the normal context.  While Lake Magic sounds so romantic, in reality, it’s a little windswept and wild, and often dry.  On nice evenings you can use the outside barbeques or watch the sunset over the lake.   The saltwater pool is nearby.  So, if you are going for a soak you can then return to your accommodation.  You can also walk the 3.6km walk trail over to Wave Rock. australia wild flowers - Canola - Things to do at Wave Rock,wave rock wa

Wave Rock Country Cottage

A new Wave Rock Hyden Accommodation option is the Wave Rock country cottage and is located 4km from Wave Rock in Hyden.  The Cottage makes the perfect holiday destination for families and is fully self-contained. Suiting any family, the cottage is ready-to-go with all the facilities a family would require. While we love staying at the Wave Rock Caravan Park, the country Cottage will likely be our next choice when at Wave Rock! They also offer The Camp where prices start from just $10 per night for camping.  Also, The Silos which is registered for workers accommodation, there are twelve separate rooms, all with queen beds, so it can hold up to 20 people if needed.  The Silos also gives access to the communal kitchen, laundry, recreation room, and dining area.

Top Tips for a Visit to Wave Rock (With or Without Kids)

Facts About Wave Rock For Kids, Hippos Yawn Wave Rock,wave rock wa

Stay Overnight in Hyden Accommodation

There is not much to choose from in the way of Wave Rock accommodation.  We stayed the night in a cabin in the Wave Rock Cabins & Caravan Park – it was about 100m from Wave Rock itself. For most of the summer expect hot conditions around Wave Rock.  You will be glad of the swimming pool for the kids to splash around in.  This was one of the fun things to do at Wave Rock in Hyden.  For more information on Wave Rock accommodation read our summary of the options below.

Wave Rock With Kids, Hyden Accommodation,wave rock hyden

Visit Wave Rock Perth at Different Times of the Day

One of the advantages of staying near Wave Rock (either at the Wave Rock Caravan Park or the Wave Rock Resort) is that you can visit the rock at different times of day for great photography.  For example, Wave Rock itself becomes a deep red at sunset and offers stunning photography.  Or better still climb up on top of the rock for great sunset pictures.  Taking pictures is one of the most fun things to do at Wave Rock. Wave Rock With Kids,wave rock hyden

Do some Walking

If you wanted to save your Wave Rock visit for the next day, you could choose a sunset walk at Lake Magic.  Lake Magis is also a short walk from the Caravan Park.  As salt lakes go, it is fairly normal.  However, if you make the effort for sunrise or sunset you can take fantastic pictures as the color changes as the sun comes up or goes down.  Kids love running along the shores of the lake after a long day in the car. For the actual visit to Wave Rock with kids, there is a 3km plus meandering hike through the rocks and salt lakes.  It takes in the famous Hippos Yawn as well as going up onto the rock and seeing the town’s water supply. hippo's yawn wave rock australiawave rock hyden

Don’t Miss the Hippo’s Yawn

Whether you choose to drive or walk the kids absolutely loved Hippo’s Yawn. We actually ditched our plans for the 3km hike through the rocks and salt lakes due to the freezing winter weather.  Instead, we took the short walk to Wave Rock, and the temperature hit at just 5 degrees for the visit.  Master 2.5 was making his displeasure felt.  He refused to walk.  So, Dadda and Miss 6 decided to do the walk to the Hippos Yawn. 

Meanwhile Mumma drove the young guy around.  We waited at the Hippos Yawn and waited.  Called Coo-ee and called some more.  After the longest time, Miss M emerged with her father hobbling behind.  Turned out they’d had to wade through knee-high water most of the way.  The old fella with soft feet was finding it hard to walk with numb toes.  Still, it was an adventure and total highlight for the day.

Miniature Soldiers, Lace Display, and Wildlife Park

These are all contained in one area, just near the gate to Wave Rock.  There is the Miniature Soldier Museum.  The museum is best for those who are military buffs or like to see depictions of battles.  However, even if you aren’t military-minded the toy soldiers are still worth a look.  The Lace Place just next door is also beautiful and interesting.  It has an enormous amount of lace and garments on display.  Don’t miss the beautiful bridal gowns. The Wave Rock Wildlife Park is best not compared to other wildlife parks; it is quite humble with not a lot to see. However, it does give you a chance to get up close with the kangaroos. Wave Rock With Kids,Hyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock WA

Wildflower Season around Wave Rock & Hyden WA

The Western Australian Wildlife Season starts in late August and is normally at its peak in September!  Hyden would be gorgeous during the season.  We enjoyed the canola fields in mid-winter.  However, we are sure that during the wildflower season it would be truly spectacular.  Do your research if you plan to visit Western Australia in springtime.  You get to see some beautiful Wildflowers!    

Speaking of Western Australia’s wildflowers, read our Where to Find The Best Wildflowers in Western Australia for more information.

wave rock from perth,Hyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock WA

Float in a Salt Pool (Lake Magic Hyden)

Next door to Lake Magic Hyden and the Wave Rock Resort is a salt pool.  It was constructed by a local some time ago.  It’s very deep (about 6m) with a gypsum base.  Given the high salt content, it means you float very easily, like in the Dead Sea.  The high salt content is supposed to provide health benefits! wave rock resortHyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock WA

Other Places to see around Wave Rock Western Australia

Apart from the different things to do around Wave Rock, there are some interesting attractions to the North of Wave Rock on the ‘Southern Cross Road’. The road was very corrugated.  It was not particularly well maintained on the way to Mulka’s Cave.  For us, it was a short visit.  We saw some Aboriginal hand paintings, and some ’gnamma holes’ (water pools) nearby.  If you are comfortable doing a bush hike, clambering over some rocks then there are some rocks called the Humps.  They are about a 1-hour walk around the top of the rock with rock pools, small vegetation areas, weathered rock sculptures, and great views.  There is even a smaller version of the ‘wave ‘near the cave.

What Would be the Best Itinerary to Visit Wave Rock WA?

If you are considering a visit to Wave Rock WA we highly recommend checking out our Hyden Accommodation we have suggested above.   Our most important recommendation is to spend the night out at Hyden so you can see the beautiful wave rock in different lights and moods.

Rural communities sometimes struggle, and in 1998 the Shires of Bruce Rock, Corrigin, Kondinin, Kulin, Lake Grace, Narembeen, and Quairading formed an alliance to work with local communities to promote the ‘Pathways to Wave Rock’ Self-Drive Trail and encourage visitors to come and visit the area. We highly recommend checking out the Pathways to Wave Rock.  It is a 760km self-drive trail taking you through charming Wheatbelt towns towards Wave Rock.  By following this circular route, you will discover the best of country Western Australia, an authentic Wheatbelt experience including a good dose of country hospitality. The Pathway’s to wave rock has the following features

  • York – Stop and visit the motor museum, historic buildings, cafes, and restaurants
  • Quairading – You can’t miss ‘El Toro’, a life-size Spanish bull sculpture in the center of town, and view the town’s very own Pink Lake Dangin Heritage Trail and Nookaminnie Rock,
  • Bruce Rock –   here you will find Kokerbin Rock, a massive monolith with great views and a picnic area in the Bruce Rock Shire.
  • Hyden – Wave Rock and the Hippo’s Yawn, as well as the Wildlife Park and other attractions. To return to Perth Take alternative routes south through Lake Grace’s salt lake country or West through  Kulin along the Tin Horse Highway  KondininCorrigin home of the Dog Cemetery.

Hyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock

The Verdict – Hyden Accommodation and Things to do at Wave Rock

We hope you have found our information on how to get to Wave Rock, Things to do in Hyden and surrounds, and other suggestions for what to do on  Perth to Wave Rock itinerary useful.  While it is not the most visited spot in Western Australia, it is certainly one of the most iconic and memorable!

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Best Things to do in Wave Rock WA & Hyden Accommodation

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