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The BEST Things to do in Esperance and Accommodation Ideas

Last Updated on 13 February 2024 by Ariana Svenson

If you are going to visit Esperance WA you want to know what is the best Esperance accommodation in order to get in and make a booking!  That’s right, we have included the important stuff first – and that is getting a place to sleep.  Picture perfect Lucky Bay with its turquoise waters, white sands, and kangaroos on the beach is one of Australia’s most iconic places to visit.  However, the campground out there gets full very quickly.  Besides, what if Esperance camping is not really your thing?  Or, you have small kids as we do?  Then please check out our Esperance Caravan Park and accommodation options!

Once your accommodation is booked you will want to get into the nitty-gritty of planning your trip and explore things to do in Esperance.  You won’t want to miss the Esperance beaches (covered in our post A Guide to South West WA – South West Australia Road Trip Ideas) but there are lots of other things to do as well.

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The Best Esperance Accommodation – Places to Stay in Esperance WA

As can be expected in a holiday town there is a range of Esperance accommodation options.  One of the most popular things to do in Esperance is go camping, and you can camp at some of the Parks & Wildlife sites, at Lucky Bay and Le Grande, as well as over at Duke of Orleans Bay.

Esperance Caravan Park

The best options for pet-friendly accommodation Esperance are found at the caravan parks.  However, only on the campsites, not in the cabins.

Esperance Bay Holiday Park

At around $125 per night, these basic chalets/cabins provide good value for the money.  They seem quite typical of caravan parks in Australia – small and cozy, with self-contained facilities.  Make a great base for exploring Esperance and you can walk along Esperance’s seafront from here!

Run by Summerstar Caravan Parks, they have a standard pet-friendly policy.  If you are camping or with a caravan, you can take the pets but not in any other type of accommodation.  For example, not the chalets.  Check here for currents rates and availability for the Esperance Bay Holiday Park.

Acclaim Pine Grove Holiday Park

If you read the reviews you won’t stay here.  However, it is the only Esperance caravan park that is pet-friendly year-round.  So we booked here for our stay in the January school holidays!  When you read the reviews it sounds like it is the cabin accommodation that is pretty run down, not the camping sites themselves.  Anyways, we will report back when we have stayed!

Current rates for Acclaim Pine Grove Holiday Park can be found here.

Esperance Accommodation And The BEST Things To Do In Esperance WA
Iconic kangaroos at Lucky Bay

Other Types Of Accommodation Esperance WA

I first saw Esperance Chalet Village on Instagram and truly as soon as you check it out on Trip Advisor you can see the rave reviews.  This is interesting because it’s one of the older Esperance holiday places.  It is not modern or fancy – and yet people rave about their stays in the old school A-frames and amongst the bush.

It is a great place for families to stay as there is a range of different cottages and each is secluded from the others.  Many of them are surrounded by trees and have their own gardens and fire pits.

All reviews comment on the personalized, elegant, antique styling in each of the cottages including luxury linen, towels, and high-quality toiletries on offer.  It sounds like the presentation at Esperance Chalet Village is first class and that is why people rave about it.

Other family reviewers comment on bikes being supplied to the children and that with no Wi-Fi the iPads were tossed aside for games of Monopoly, Jenga, cards, and puzzles all provided in the room.  Sounds amazing to us.  Check out the Esperance Chalet Village here for yourself.

Things to do in Esperance WA

Esperance Island View Apartments

In a similar price range to the rave reviews Esperance Chalet Village, the Esperance Island View Apartments offer their guests world-class, self-contained accommodation.  This modern complex is centrally located near the shops, restaurants, and Esperance esplanade.  It features one and two-story apartments that are well-appointed with natural timber or terracotta floors, complemented by crisp, contemporary design.  Bedrooms are downstairs and a large living area and balcony upstairs.  If you can’t manage stairs it may be a problem, but if you have kids there is a very secure gate at the top of the stairs.  If you are traveling with kids, there is everything you need for a stay with a full-sized washing machine and dryer, refrigerator and stove, BBQ was really appreciated.

With views overlooking the foreshore, and rave reviews,  it seems like the Esperance Island view apartments are juggling for the number 1 spot for best family accommodation in Esperance WA.   Both are well-reviewed but offer entirely different experiences.

The Jetty Resort Esperance

We first overlooked the Jetty Resort Esperance as it looked like a simple motel.  Actually,  The Jetty Resort has a variety of rooms to suit every budget so that it works for families OR the budget traveler.  For those looking for self-contained accommodation in Esperance, we were looking at the ocean or pool view apartments.  These fully self-contained apartments are the ultimate family accommodation with the living area consisting of a full kitchen, dishwasher, and front-loading washing machine/dryer.  The Jetty Resort family apartments offer not one but two balconies!  Find out the current rates for The Jetty Resort Esperance here.

Best Things to do in Esperance WA with Kids

If you are going to travel to Esperance, then for us it’s important to not only do bucket-worthy things like the Great Ocean Drive Esperance but some of the local attractions too!  So take a look, and put these on your list of things to do in Esperance WA.  Also, make sure to read The Best Esperance Beaches, Plus Lucky Bay!

And there is so much more to discover in Western Australia! Have you had a chance to explore getaways near Perth? Feel free to dive into our blog post for some extra inspiration and start planning your next adventure!

Esperance Accommodation And The BEST Things To Do In Esperance WA

Esperance Stonehenge

What?  Stonehenge?  That is right, a local farmer has built an exact to-scale replica of Stonehenge in the UK.  Consisting of 137 stones of Esperance Pink Granite that were quarried nearby.  The Stonehenge in Esperance looks like the replica would have around 1950 BC.  As with Stonehenge in England, if you stop by at the summer or winter solstice you will see the sun’s rays impressively shine into the center of the structure.

Ten Mile Lagoon Wind Farm

We love wind farms!  What is there not to love – green energy, lots of wind, and magnificent turbines.

Here you can walk the scenic trail around the wind farm where you stand under the turbines, can listen to the whoosh of their blades, and hum as they do their work.  This is one of the more educational things to do in Esperance!

Esperance Bird And Animal Park Café

If you are traveling with animal lovers – or kids then you will want to visit the Esperance Bird and Animal Park located a short distance over town.  You can cuddle cute guinea pigs and rabbits, meet Australian birds like parrots and emus, as well as participating in the feeding of some animals.  The whole family can enjoy a meal in the café or just relax under the shady trees.

Esperance Accommodation And The BEST Things To Do In Esperance WA

Adventureland Park

The Adventureland Park Esperance is a fun place for kids to run off some steam.  Located next to the Taylor Street jetty on the Esperance Esplanade.  There is a climbing whale and maze, as well as a fenced playground for the little ones.  Older kids might be more interested in the skate park further along the Esplanade.

Running during school holidays and on weekends the Esperance Miniature Railway is located in Adventureland Park and a fun excursion for little ones.

Esperance Mini Golf

We do like a round of mini-golf with the kids.  In fact, we seem to do it nearly every place that we go to!  The Esperance Mini Golf is 18 holes and opens only on Sundays and on Western Australian school holidays.  It is located on the Esplanade near Adventure Land Park.

Esperance Museum

Considered one of the better regional Western Australian museums, the Esperance Museum contains many historical objects of the European settlement of the 1800s.  The most unique aspect of the museum is parts of the 1979 Skylab which crashed in the area.  Skylab was America’s first space station.  If you are planning your day, it is open in the afternoons only.  Check with the Esperance Visitor Centre for up-to-date details.

Ways to Travel from Perth to Esperance

An Esperance to Perth road trip is perfect because it is a loop and you can hire your car in Perth and drop it off in the same place.   If making a road trip sounds like your style then you must read our An Awesome Perth To Esperance Road Trip And Explore The Esperance Beaches.

However, there are other ways to do a Perth to Esperance road trip.  Rex flies from Esperance to Perth 2 to 3 times a day, depending on the season.  The flight takes just 1 hour and 35 minutes, which is a lot quicker than the 8 hours driving time!  There is a Trans WA bus that travels through many Wheatbelt towns to Esperance 3 times a week.  The route takes around 10 hours and is an affordable way to travel to Esperance.

You would have to do research into a backpackers hop-on, hop-off style bus.  The Busy Blue Bus based in Albany does provide transport options from Albany to Bremer Bay.

The Verdict – Esperance Accommodation and the BEST Things to do in Esperance WA

As you can see there are so many things to do in Esperance WA.  And, although camping is a fantastic way to enjoy an Esperance vacation, there are plenty of other Esperance accommodations to be had.  Whether you are interested in the Esperance Caravan Park, or other pet-friendly accommodation Esperance, we hope you found this guide helpful.

Have you traveled to Esperance?  Let us know in the comments below your favorite accommodation in Esperance WA and your top Esperance things to do ideas!

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The BEST Things to do in Esperance and Accommodation Ideas

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